How to Take a Great Travel Blog Profile Picture

How to Take a Great Travel Blog Profile Picture

It is my good fortune to have as a friend and former DC neighbor the talented professional photographer Robert Sullivan (check him out on Flicker here) who now lives in Baltimore.  He graciously agreed to take some shots of me which led to a quite interesting afternoon of wandering through back alleys in the Butcher’s Hill district.

Without taking it to extremes, he reminded me to remember these basics for posing: back straight, shoulders relaxed, chest out, jaw relaxed.

Don’t I look ready for my trip?


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  1. Jinny Walz

    14 January

    Your back is always straight and your legs and feet are model-posed with confidence! He didn’t have much to teach you in order to secure the perfect picture!

    • tarpley

      16 January

      Thank you Jinny, am still a novice at blogging!