Preparing for Jet Lag

Preparing for Jet Lag

The best preparation for jet lag is to not believe in it.

Yeah, I know, drink lots of water, eat light, don’t drink alcohol, etc.   For my first visit to Argentina, I asked my doctor for Ambien for the overnight flight.  She consented and wrote me a script for two pills. Two?  Yes, she said, one for flying out and one for flying back.  But suppose I drop one.  Well, don’t, she said. Most night flights depart after 8 pm so I just get on the plane and read until food is served, watch a movie and at 10:30, I pop an Ambien and sleep until someone shakes me awake. Having a neck rest helps.

For my first destination, Windhoek, Namibia, I depart Dulles at 10 pm and land in Frankfurt at 6 am my body time, noon, Frankfurt time. I have all day to walk about, maybe even take a short tour of that city before I fly out at 9 pm, 3 am my body time. Hopefully, we can board at 7 pm and I can take another Ambien immediately and sleep the 11 hour flight to Johannesburg, arriving at 8:30 the next morning. Only one hour time change from Germany so I expect to be jet lag free when I change planes for my final leg to Windhoek.

I don’t know yet what my position is on jet lag, but this trip might make me a believer!


  1. Marc Levine

    12 January

    Bon voyage, Tarpley, the blog looks great!

    • tarpley

      16 January

      Hey, thanks Marc. Still cannot figure out adding fotos but will get to it!

  2. Alicyn DelZoppo

    16 January

    Enjoy your trip! Looking forward to the blog !

  3. Mary Eileen McDonnell

    2 January

    Have a wonderful trip. We are all looking forward to hearing about your adventures.