What to wear when you will be in transit 40 hours

What to wear when you will be in transit 40 hours

Twice I have traveled to Chile and Argentina, which in some parts is nearly 7,000 miles from Dulles International Airport. So while I do not consider myself a pro, I do know how to dress for comfort in airplanes and airports.

Layered dressing is key.  For example, in the photo featured here I am wearing a brown sleeveless cotton tank top underneath a long sleeved thermal cotton pullover, underneath an all weather zippered, hooded jacket.

My long pants are unlined Lululemon cotton tights.  And I wear my hiking boots for two reasons:  first of all they weigh 3 pounds each and I need that space in my suitcase for books (more on the book issues in the technology post later on) and second, the heavy socks I wear with them keep the feet warm and well broken in hiking boots are the most comfortable shoes ever.

Note to women: wear a stretchy pull on over the head  bra. Not a great look for older women but you do not need underwire and hooks during overnight flights.

  1. Danille

    17 January

    How cool is this! Cannot wait for your next post….

    • tarpley

      19 January

      Thanks, Danille. Am a bit Internet challenged here in Namibia. Will try to catch up next week!