What is a Tarpley?

When I told someone I met at a holiday party that I was naming my new blog “Where’s Tarpley?” he asked, “Is that a place?” Actually, it is a place: Tarpley, Texas, and I have been there. Tarpley is also my name. On December 18, 2015, I retired at the age of 75. The way I figure it, if my health continues to hold up I have maybe 5 more years to travel during the Maryland winter months – December, January and February. Probably there will be a lot of South America in my future because I hate cold, hate dark, and hate ice and the southern hemisphere is in glorious summer these months. Where’s Tarpley will be a travel blog, but not just a travel blog. Where Tarpley is might be just inside her own head, for example, or at the movies, or shopping for real estate.

Consider this launch the “beta” version of the blog. Where’s Tarpley will have to become.

  1. Ouida Tomlinson

    14 January

    I’m looking forward to your new adventures and both greatly admire and envy you. Thanks for sharing. It is going to be great fun tagging along in my imagination. Love your photos. Proud to call you friend.

    • tarpley

      16 January

      Hi ya Ouia! Look forward to seeing you in April. Glad the blog is of interest to you.

  2. Mary Eileen McDonnell

    15 January

    Tarpley! So excited to hear of your adventures. Hugs!

    • tarpley

      16 January

      Happy to hear from you Mary Eileen! Am still a novice at blogging but hope to figure out how to add fotos soon.

  3. Jay

    6 February

    Tee, thanks for reminding me of your blog. What a great way to keep in touch.

    • tarpley

      6 February

      Yes, Jay, and most importantly I hope you enjoy reading it!

  4. Gloria Ryckman

    9 February

    Keep those blogs coming-so interesting and daring of you to travel alone. Aunt Gloria is in awe of your itinerary!

    • tarpley

      10 February

      Hi again, Aunt Gloria, the reports will keep coming except when I have no internet service- which is more often than I expected!