Oman: The Last Absolute Monarchy

The Omani hijab is modified for the flight attendants on Emirates Air. A sexy look, don’t you think? The veil is worn while greeting and saying good-bye to passengers, not while serving food. That would not work well. The rest of the outfit is smart: knee length form fitting skirts, medium high heels and a short sleeved blouse. Emirates Air is currently at the top of my list for airline comfort. The economy seats are quite roomy, lean waaaay back, have charging set up for three electronic devices and a movie menu showing every film that was current when I left the US three weeks ago.  If the food was good, it would be the perfect airline.

Chris, an ex-pat Brit and  owner of Nomad Inn, picked me up at the airport in Muscat in one of his vehicles.  It is a 1982  Daihatsuzki, your basic transportation. My room in the guest house is the one with the private balcony canopy pictured.  The guests here are the occasional older British couple and a wild assortment of ex-pats working temporarily in Muscat, adventurers and dreamers of all ages.  Think Hunter Thompson.