Breakfast at Carmelita’s

No kidding! Fruit vendors take to every street corner in Santiago in summer. One of Carmelita’s servings of mixed watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew is $1.25. You can get a BIG box of raspberries or blueberries for the same price. My hotel serves raspberry juice for breakfast.

Beef is very big in South America but I do not eat it because it looks odd. The cuts are not the same as in the US so it seems unappetizing. You would think fish would be cheap and plentiful since Santiago is only 45” from the Pacific Ocean but it is not. Chilean sea bass??? I think it all goes to the US. As well, the locals prefer beef. The shrimp is very good and I have it every lunch atop a salad.

Arucola is also outstanding as are avocados and cherry tomatoes. And, of course, I am in the vineyard region of Sauvignon blanc and carmenere. The hotel sponsored a wine tasting the day I arrived. Lovely. And, wouldn’t you know, none of the brands are exported. I notice that few locals drink wine at dinner. The majority drink Coca Cola, full strength, no diet cokes or Zero or caffeine free varieties. Actually, they drink cola cola all day long. Vending machines stock bottled water and coke, with the occasional orange Fanta.