Photo Interlude

Since I left Perth two days ago, I have been unable to upload any pictures for the blog. Will be in a Hotel in Ayers Rock starting Thursday so hope to have better luck with Internet there.  Am in Alice Springs Library currently which  I was told is the best internet connection around.  It is 104 degrees under a blazing sun.  But this is the Outback.  What I expected!

  1. John Chancellor

    9 February

    You are really covering a wide range of countries, customs, climates and experiences. Sounds a tad warm there. It is snowing here in middle Tennessee but I’m not uncomfortable enough to trade for the 104 you are experiencing.

    • tarpley

      10 February

      Hi John, have to say today was beastly hot! But my cool down in the museum and art galleries helped a lot. Have become a culture vulture! You have snow again???


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