Not To Be a Cheapskate, But Free Can Be Really Goo...

Not To Be a Cheapskate, But Free Can Be Really Good

So, I have shown up for five free walking tours and all have been outstanding.  The first tour was to Bo Kaap, meaning “above CapeTown,” an area where freed slaves (after 10 years servitude) made their new home. The first house in Bo Kaap was painted red. It was the doctor’s home so everyone in the village knew how to find medical help.  Other occupations followed suit, that is, the bakery  was the yellow house, the shoemaker’s house was green and so on.  Today’s owners can paint their houses any color, but like historic districts in the US, the facade may never be changed, nor can there be “pop-up” additions to the house.


Below is a close up view of the detail of these homes in “Hollywood” (named so because many films have been shot in this neighborhood) where once again you have to see me photographed in my hot weather sightseeing outfit, now a near rag, but the dress washes easily and dries overnight and is cool in the temperature sense if not fashionable. The dress was given to me by Meyanna, my Indonesian  hair stylist of ten years.  She brought it back as a gift to me from a trip  to Indonesia after she became engaged to a local billionaire.  I used to tip her and now I wear this cheap dress as I travel in hot climates all over the world and she is living like Mrs. Donald Trump.


  1. Gloria Ryckman

    9 February

    Dear Tee—I am enjoying every mile of your journey–keep those reports coming! Love, Aunt Gloria

    • tarpley

      10 February

      Hello Aunt Gloria, am delighted to have you as a reader! Hope you continue to enjoy it! Much Love, Tee

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